Wednesday, 31 August 2011

MUA Professional Eyeshadow Palette Vs Avon 8in1 Eye Palette

Hey Beauts,

I know that MUA's Eyeshadow Palette in Heaven and Earth has pretty much been blogged and youtubed to death, but here's to hoping that I can provide you with a post with a difference. I was looking through my make-up collection the other day and stumbled across Avon's 8in1 Eye Palette in Neutral Tones which is pretty similar to MUA's palette. So I thought why not compare them in a post - so that's exactly what I'm gonna do now.

Both palettes consist of very earthy/neutral tones, so perfect for an every day look

They are extremely cheap compared to more expensive, yet similar palettes (mentioning no names!) as MUA's palette comes in at £4 and Avon's palette is £10.50 (currently on offer at £6 on Avon's website)

The MUA palette is definitely more pigmented compared to Avon's

MUA treats you to an extra four shades than Avon - and it's cheaper!

The MUA shades lasted over 5 hours LONGER than the Avon palette

The MUA palette is more versatile in that the darker shades can be used to create a heavier look for an evening out

The lighter shades in the Avon palette would work best as highlight colours, whereas the darker shades could be used as contouring and shading colours

As for the MUA palette, you can create an everyday neutral look by using the lighter shades, or go full on out with a heavy bronze smokey eye when using the darker shades

I personally feel that the MUA palette wins hands down as it ticks all the right boxes - it's cheap, versatile, highly pigmented, long lasting etc. Don't get me wrong - I am a big fan of Avon's products, but unfortunately this eyeshadow palette doesn't really do it for me.

What do you guys reckon??

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Beauty Tip

Hi Beauts,

I just wanted to share a quick beauty tip with you guys. Acne is the bane of my life so anything that promises to help with, and speed up, the recovery process is tested out in my daily skincare routine. I was reading a magazine about 2 years ago and it talked of how models use a product called Biafine Emulsion to help clear up blemishes, so I thought why not give it a go!

I am so glad that I started using it as it cuts my recovery time in half - normally it takes just under a week for a spot to disappear, but when I apply Biafine the blemish disappears in less than two days! As you can probably tell from the photo I use it a lot but it seems to just last forever cos you only need to apply a tinsy-winsey bit to each blemish.

I will warn you though, unfortunately it is quite hard to get hold of in the UK (my Uncle got it from France for me), but I'm sure you can buy it online and I promise it will be worth it!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Pixiwoo/Avon Launch

Hey Beauts,

At the beginning of this month I got the amazing opportunity to help out the beauty team at more! magazine... and it was just, WOW! During my first week there I was asked if I wanted to go to the Pixiwoo/Avon launch. I have been an avid fan of Avon's make-up for over 6years now, and I have watched pretty much all of Pixiwoo's youtube videos - so naturally I jumped at the chance to go. I just wanted to share my findings with you guys :)

First and foremost I'm afraid this collection won't be out until October, but I just had to share a quick sneak preview with you guys!

When it comes to my eye make-up I am a girl who strives for a high-pigmented colour finish which is forever fashioned on celebrities. Thanks to a little tip from Sam (one half of Pixiwoo) I now know how to create the desired effect! Yipee! Start off by applying Glimmerstick Diamonds Eyeliner (£6) all over the eyelid, then add your chosen shade from the True Colour Eyeshadow Quad (£8.50) and watch the magic happen. The eyeshadow latches onto the Glimmerstick base which enhances the colour to create a more intense, vibrant, and long-lasting finish. Check it out for yourselves below - the faint purple eyeshadow is without the eyeliner underneath, and the more intense colour has got the eyeliner underneath - look at the difference!

Another product that Pixiwoo are launching with Avon is the Nailwear Pro Nail Enamel (£6) which comes in four gorgeous colours - Gleaming Gold, Sequined Turqoise, Violetta Sparkle and Mercury Metal. I can tell that the Sequined Turqouise shade is going to become a staple in my autumn/winter make-up kit as it's just so fresh and different to anything I have tried before.

I was also given a sample of the Glazewear Sparkle Lip Gloss (£6) in Gleaming Gold. It is very sheer but it does leave your lips with a nice gold shimmer. I think it will be the perfect lipgloss for Christmas.

Last but by no means least you have the SuperEnchant Mascara (£8.50). Now, I have always been a fan of Avon's mascaras and I'm happy to say that this one does not disappoint. It enhances my already fairly long lashes and doesn't leave me with a 'spider's leg' effect (which is a pet hate of mine!).

Avon are also proudly celebrating their 125th birthday this year so they gave each of us a personalised Avon goody bag - I will be testing out these products over the next week and a blog will follow.

So what do you reckon girls?? Are you as excited as I am about this launch??