Thursday, 22 September 2011

A Great Pick Me Up

A coral shade is definitely my go to nail varnish colour during the summer months and has been for at least two years now. 

Since it has been pretty dull and depressing these last couple of weeks I decided to cheer myself up by painting my nails coral... little things please little minds as they say...

Collection 2000 - Tutti Fruity

I can't seem to find the shade online, but I know that Avon does a similar one called Coral Reef.

What's your go to shade for summer OR winter (seeming as it's almost upon us)?

I have also exfoliated, shaved and prepped - ready to try out a new fake tan tonight... slightly nervous as I have never strayed from my trusty Garnier SummerBody Lotion. Lets hope I don't turn orange!!

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Become a FashionistA with The Saturdays nail polish line

It seems like every celebrity is desperate to get their hands on a slice of the health & beauty industry these days - from eyelashes by Girls Aloud to condoms by JLS - and incase you haven't heard The Saturdays have now got in on the action and have teamed up with FashionistA to create a new range of nail polishes. Using the revolutionising Magnetism Nail Lacquer each of the girls has created their own unique colour. Frankie's shade is Notorious Silver, Mollie's is Purple Me Up, Rochelle's is All Fired Up Red, Una's is Ego Green, and Vanessa's is Forever is Blue.

The Magnetism Nail Lacquer works by by applying two coats of nail varnish and then hovering a special magnet over the top for around 10seconds. I think this is such a neat idea and I cannot wait until it is out in the shops on 26th September!

What do you girls think about it?

Friday, 16 September 2011

Loving Liz

I have heard so many people rave about Liz Earle's multi-awarding winning Cleanse & Polish that I just had to get my hands on it. 

Firstly, I just wanna say that I am super impressed by Liz Earle's high level of customer service as I ordered it on Thursday, and baring in mind that I am in Holland right now, it arrived on Saturday! I looked into getting one of the travel packs just so that I could get a Liz Earle wash bag. Sad? Extremely! But to my great surprise the Cleanse & Polish comes in a real cute bag so that will excite my 'needs' for now :) I also received a complimentory 50ml pot of Instant Boost Skin Tonic with my order, which made me a real happy customer :) 

Now, onto the actual product. I normally don't notice much of a difference when using skincare products, so that's probably why I have never really bothered sticking to a proper routine. However, I have definitely noticed a difference with Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish. My spots are disappearing, my skin is suuuuper soft, and my oily complexion seems to be calming down. A big thumbs up to Liz Earle!

I have only been using it for a few days so far, so I have yet to see whether it stands the test of time, but I can already report that it has yet to disappoint. I am also trying to start up a proper skincare regime so we shall see if this becomes a staple in that routine.

Let me know what your thoughts are on the Liz Earle range :)

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Beauty Confidential

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If you have a love for expensive beauty brands, like me, then you need to hot foot it down to your local House of Fraser store asap! They are currently running their annual Beauty Confidential event which, simply put, is gonna save you money! If you spend £50 on beauty and fragrance in store or online then you receive £10 off of one of 20 products handpicked by beauty experts. The event has already started and runs until 25th September.

I know one thing that I will definitely be getting my hands on is the Origins GinZing eye cream. I have heard nothing but good things about it, but at £21 I have been apprehensive about buying it, especially as I have a fairly low budget right now, but House of Fraser have currently got it on offer for £10!!

If you wanna find out more about Beauty Confidential and it's great savings then just click this Link.

Happy shopping everyone :)

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Headkandy Hair Extensions

Hey Beauts,

Today I wanna talk to you guys about Headkandy Hair Extensions. I have always been envious of Kim Kardashian's flowing locks but can never be bothered with the upkeep of long hair! So I decided to invest in some hair extensions - that way when I can't be bothered with all the styling I just simply don't put them in. I spent hours researching hair extensions online as I wanted to make sure that I was getting value for money, and the majority of the time Headkandy Hair Extensions came out on top - so naturally I went with the majority. I ended up going for the 20-22" Melted Chocolate hair extensions.

The Facts
*They are made from 100% Remy Human Hair which means that the hairs have been specially selected and are 'sewn onto the weft in the same direction of natural hair growth' (taken from Headkandy's website). As a result you are left with soft, silky, and tangle free hair extensions *
*Each weft is made up of multi tones which means that the extensions blend in a lot better with your natural hair*
*You get 180grams worth of hair extensions when you buy the 20-22" set (it's different for other lengths, so check out their website here)*
*They retail at £79.99 for the 20-22" hair extensions (please check their website for other lengths/prices here)*
*As with many online hair extension companies you can send Headkandy a photo and they will pick out the best shade of extensions for your hair (I did not do this as I was pretty confident that I was Melted Chocolate)*

In the Box
*It comes in a snazzy little black box which is substantial enough for you to store your hair extensions in when not in use*
*The hair is placed into two compartments - the smaller one is so that you can take the hair out and check the length/colour against your natural hair. That way if is not the right one you can send it back without any qualms*
*You also get a little booklet which includes advice on how to clip in, take care of, and dye your new hair extensions*
In the box

How to Clip in Headkandy Hair Extensions

Each weft is cleverly numbered which I love as it makes for easy application, especially if you use that in conjunction with the instructions found in the booklet or online (please see below).

When I was a newbie to hair extensions I did follow the instructions step by step, but I actually found that there was far too much hair! So now I just play around with the wefts every time I wear them. For example, if I don't have much time I'll just put four of the longer wefts in the back of my hair, and then just add one clipped weft on either side of my head. I always back comb each section of hair that will be holding a weft as it gives the clip something to grab hold of and it makes sure that it stays in place all day. I have added a before and after picture below - just so you guys are aware in the after picture I am wearing all of the wefts.


*If I want to achieve a bedhead/curly effect then I use my Babyliss Pro Curl 210 (£18.49 from Boots). Make sure not to clamp the hair extensions against the barrel and instead use your fingers to hold it in place as otherwise you create a kink which is REALLY difficult to get out*
*I find that the extensions hold their curls for around 5-6hours and then start to drop, but even after wearing them for a whole day the curls still look good*
*When I want straight hair I simply use my GHDs to straighten my natural hair and the extensions separately*

*Always, always, ALWAYS use a heat protection spray on your hair extensions as this will keep them looking silky smooth for longer - nobody likes hair extensions with frazzled ends!*
*Make sure that you shampoo and condition your hair extensions regularly. The amount you wash them depends on how many times you wear them e.g. I probably wear my extensions between 2-3 times a week so I wash them every other week or so, whereas someone who wears them daily should wash them once a week. I use the Love Hair Extensions range*
*I also use a daily conditioning spray on my hair extensions which again are from the Love Hair Extensions range*

The Verdict
*I received my Headkandy hair extensions super fast as they came a day after I ordered them*
*I am really impressed with the quality and thickness of the hair extensions - they are just so silky and soft!*
*They are a great purchase if you are newbie to hair extensions because they have the numbers stitched into the top of the wefts and instructions*
*When I use my Babyliss Pro Curl 210 the curls hold for around 5-6 hours so I'm pretty impressed with that*
*I have had my hair extensions for 3months now and they are still in great condition*
*Headkandy suggests that you have wefts 5-10 layered and shaped so that they blend in more with your natural hair. I haven't actually done this yet, but when I get more money I think I will get this done as you can slightly tell where my natural hair ends and the extensions begin, especially when I wear my hair straight*
*They are really comfortable to wear even if you are wearing them for the whole day*
*I would definitely recommend Headkandy Hair Extensions to a friend as they are comfortable, thick, silky smooth, and keep their shine*

You can buy Headkandy Hair Extensions by clicking here

What are your favourite hair extensions?