Thursday, 22 September 2011

A Great Pick Me Up

A coral shade is definitely my go to nail varnish colour during the summer months and has been for at least two years now. 

Since it has been pretty dull and depressing these last couple of weeks I decided to cheer myself up by painting my nails coral... little things please little minds as they say...

Collection 2000 - Tutti Fruity

I can't seem to find the shade online, but I know that Avon does a similar one called Coral Reef.

What's your go to shade for summer OR winter (seeming as it's almost upon us)?

I have also exfoliated, shaved and prepped - ready to try out a new fake tan tonight... slightly nervous as I have never strayed from my trusty Garnier SummerBody Lotion. Lets hope I don't turn orange!!

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