Sunday, 23 October 2011

Shellac Who?

I am wearing Black Tulip on my nails

On the second day of my work placement I was offered the chance to be a, well, I don't really know what you would call it, a hand model? Basically I had to make a mad dash across London to attend a meeting and have Gellux nail polish applied to my nails to show a possible client what it was like. 

The Facts:
- Have you heard of Shellac? Of course you have... Well Gellux nails provide a new twist to this already extremely popular mani.
- Instead of curing the nail with UV it uses LED which means a faster application but without the compromise of lasting power
- The treatment is perfect for people like me who are 'hard' on their nails e.g. normal nail polish chips within two days
- The nail polish lasts up to 3 weeks before chipping occurs
- Gellux have 24 colours to choose from so you will be spoilt for choice! (check out the colour range below)
- It costs around £30

Up Close

Both pictures of my nails were taken 5 days after application, and as you can see there is no chipping in sight! I also love the way it keeps hold of it's glossy finish and the colour doesn't transfer when handling things such as paper. This mani would be perfect for special occasions and if you are going away on holiday.

The Gellux Colour Chart

My only complaint is that, unless you are trained in the removal of gel nails, you have to go back to a beauty salon in order to have them removed without damaging the nail.

Have you tried Gellux or other gel nail brands before? If so what do you make of them?


  1. Hey! Found you on the More! hot 100 page. I get shellac cause my sister has a kit, don't know if it's the same removal process but I always wrap my nails with acetone soaked cotton wool and then seal with tin foil for like ten mins to soften, and then it's easy to remove! Might work the same for you rather than paying the salon again? ^_^

    ~ Lauren <3


  2. Hey hun, thanks for checking out my blog! Thanks for the tip - luckily I got them taken off for free, but I watched closely to see what they did so that hopefully next time I have them done I can remove them myself :) It sounds like it's pretty much the same process as you described xxx

  3. I remember having shellac which is the same has gellux nails. I wasnt told to go back and have it removed by the salon after having them done. So I struggled to get it off myself. I have lovely nails always have. My nails look like they have a French polish but they dont. I wrecked my nails. The shin went the service was horrible and when they grew they peeled off. It took a good few months for them to get back to normal. I am a mobile hairdresser and just done my training in doing gellux. I will certainly be telling people to have it taken off properly and even do it for free if I have too.